Southern New Hampshire University Mass Media and Culture Essay

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Write your second group of blog entries to your Blogger account, analyzing three examples of how technology has changed society’s expectations of mass media and culture. Include the URL for your blog as your post.


Submit in Word format please.



Article: How Apple Transformed Music and Our Lives
This article that discusses how iTunes changed the music industry.

Article: How the Internet Has Changed the Movie Business
Read this article that discusses how technology has changed the movie industry.

Video: iTunes Turns 15, How Apple Transformed the Music Industry (2:36)
This video highlights iTunes’ 15th anniversary and shows how iTunes has impacted the music industry over the years.
Video: Clayton Christensen On What He Got Wrong About Disruptive Innovation (1:08)
This video describes disruptive innovation and focuses on how large companies can be taken down by smaller companies with cheaper, simpler products that better fit the consumer’s wants or needs.

Article: Netflix Has Forever Changed The Way We Consume Television
This article outlines how the streaming service Netflix made its initial foray into original programming and its impact on how modern consumers watch television.

Website: Hulu
Review this website to experience Hulu and how the streaming television station works. Stream a television show or movie to see how it works and compare it to standard television.

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