Article Summary.

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( I chose this article).

Article Summary from Critical Thinking Community

The White House is
considering developing a program for Federal Employees to improve their
critical thinking skills. To do this you need a better understanding of
the concept of critical thinking. To do that you need to look up and
summarize one of the many critical thinking articles from the Critical Thinking Community.

Critical Thinking Community Article Summary

You will notice in the left hand menu
that there is an option titled “Critical Thinking Community.” This is a
link to an organization began by the late philosophy professor Richard
Paul formally at Sonoma State University. This organization sponsors a
very successful international conference on Critical Thinking and has
published many articles and essays on critical thinking.

For this discussion I would like you to summarize one of the articles there.

  • Click the “Critical Thinking Community” link on the left side of the class.
  • Select the link option on the top of the website titled, “Library”
  • Choose an article on critical thinking that appeals to you from the website page shown
  • Probably the two best areas for an article are: “About Critical Thinking” and “Fundamentals of Critical Thinking”

I am expecting around 200 words or
about one regular page of writing to successfully complete a summary of
your selected article.

List the main points and give me a real idea of what the article is explaining.

Start early and carefully proofread
your work and write enough to describe the article you chose. Impress me
with your understanding of the article.

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