COMM 120 Grossmont College Interpersonal Communication Six Word Memoir Presentation

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required textbook: Adler, Rosenfeld & Proctor II. Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication (14th Ed.

Presentation Assignment: “6-Word Memoir” Video Slideshow

Required Time Length: 5-7 minutes.

Six-Word Memoirs: This assignment is in tandem with the website: Six Word Memoirs. As this class addresses communication, this website is an excellent partner for this assignment. The website encourages us to write out feelings in “six-word memoirs” and that is what you will be doing for this assignment! Read through and follow all instructions for this assignment. Before you begin creating your presentation:

  1. Using the link provided (below), watch the video about Six Word Memoirs and read what this website and community is all about!
    • Open the “About” link at the top of the screen and read all information and watch the posted video.
  2. Send an email or text or have a face to face conversation with at least 4 friends or family members and ask them to:
    • come up with 6 words that describe their definition, perception or feelings about communication and interpersonal relationships.
    • Also, ask them to explain the meaning of their six-word memoir. Ask for as much detail in the explanation as possible. You will need it for your presentation.
  3. Create your own six-word memoir about relationships and communication following the guidelines for required content.
  4. As with all assignments in this course, you must reference something form the textbook. For this assignment, you may reference any concept or term from the textbook. You need at least three references and citations. These references must be from three different chapters in the textbook.
  5. Write up an essay type document [be sure to save it!]that you can convert to a presentation


(Slideshow Content)

Video slideshow time requirement: 5-7 minutes.

You will have at least 6-8+ slides with narration. Each of the 6-word memoirs you have collected will be explained in a separate slide. Your slides should:

  • be in a logical order
  • catch the attention of the audience
  • include graphics, and/or photos/appealing theme
  • have no grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.
  • have proper references and citation(s) from the textbook.
  • not be full of lots of text that you just read to the viewer.

Slide by Slide Instruction:

Slide 1: Start with a proper introduction to your video slideshow. Your introduction introduce the topic (Six Word Memoirs) and what you will be addressing in the slideshow (info about program/website, the 6 word memoirs of friends and family, etc).

Slide 2: Provide information about the 6-Word beginnings—who started the program? When was it started? What is the history of this program? . Also, provide detailed information about the website and purpose. Do not use any video or audio from the “Six Word Memoir” links.

Slides 3-7: Create a slide that has the name of the person you interviewed, their relationship to you and the “six-word memoir”. If you use a reference from the textbook, include that in the slide as well. Textbook references should be connected to the 6 word memoirs (your and the 4 you collected).


  • Diane (sister) “You get back what you give”
  • George (friend) “Love.Trust.Caring.Compromise.Forgiving.Lifeline”
  • Your six-word memoir should look like this: Your first name (120 classmate), “six word memoir”

Next, answer the following questions about each of the 6-word memoirs you have collected (including your own):

  • Provide the meaning of/a detailed explanation of each memoir based on your follow-up conversation/discussion with your significant other. Example:When I asked Diane what she meant by her statement, she told me……
  • Next, incorporate your feelings and analysis of the memoir. I am looking for something other than “I liked it” of “I thought it was good”.
    • What did the six-word memoir say to you about the person you interviewed?
    • Did you learn something new or interesting about this significant person?
    • Finally, explain what you got out of the interview, i.e., Do you see this person differently? Why?
  • Don’t forget to incorporate the required textbook references and citations (chapter, page number).

Example of narration incorporating textbook: In chapter 3, page 70 of our textbook , self-concept is defined as “a relatively stable set of perceptions you hold of yourself.” Our self-concept is formed based on the opinions of others. In her explanation about her six-word memoir, Diane reflected several elements of her self-concept including her solid integrity, compassionate nature and big capacity to love. [Do not use or paraphrase any part of this example in your slideshow].

Slide 8: Finish up your video slideshow with a proper conclusion.


(Creating your Slideshow)

presentation Slideshow: You slide show must be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes in total. Your narration should also be 5-7 minutes in length. Lengthy silences, lack of narration or speaking fast or slowly to make time will result in a loss pf points.

For this presentation, you will use Adobe Spark to create your slideshow.

Go to this link:

Create an account with your personal email or Google account so you can sign in and out/save your work.

From your account home page: You will create a “video slideshow.” Make sure you choose the correct template. Do not use your phone to create this project.

  • Click on the “+ Create a project” link (blue button)
  • Scroll down the menu and click on “video” and open the “Pick a story template, or start from scratch” page
  • Click on the “Start from Scratch link (orange button) at the bottom of the page.
  • Follow instructions on the screen and complete tutorial
  • Follow instructions and watch the “Welcome, here are some quick tips to get started” tutorial.
  • After you finish the tutorial, dive in and create your slide show!

Delivery/Narration: You will be graded both on the slide show content and on your presentation of the information.

  • You are required to include narration in your presentation, so you will need access to a microphone.
  • Your delivery should be formal. You should not sound like you are reading from a script!
  • Narration should be rehearsed. Be able to correctly pronounce words and enunciate correctly.
  • Delivery of narration should not be read from a transcript.
  • Message should be delivered in a conversational tone.


Also a script for the slideshow presentation(5-7 mins)

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