Lindsey Wilson College Group Work Journal Entry Discussion

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After the team presentation, develop a SWOT analysis of the group process identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

A final section of the Individual Process Journal should include an evaluation of the team and its overall success or failure. You should include what you would do the same or what you would do differently.

The Individual Process Journal should be a total of 12 pages (double spaced). It does not need to be in APA format and does not need a title page, abstract or reference page. Remember it is a journal and can be written as such. The importance is to demonstrate individual reflection on the processes and roles of team members and the overall effectiveness of the team.

Each individual member of the team is expected to keep an Individual Process Journal. In each class session, your team will be given time to work on your final project. During this time, in addition to being an active participant in your group, you should act as a participant observer of your group’s process

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