Touro University Professional Communications Presentation and Discussion

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1. Scenario: You were asked to present your ideas you sent in the inter-office memorandum regarding online education in the field of professional communications (see module 3, TD2). Create a 3 slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding Title Slide) addressing the topic. If you are really bold, try adding an audio narrative to the presentation.

In your response to another student consider key rules of thumb when preparing and delivering presentations.

2. What kind of body language is beneficial when making a presentation to a room full of professionals? What should you avoid? What mistakes have you seen and how would you avoid them?


Required Reading: Stillman, J. (2020, November 5). Follow the 10-20-30 rule for killer presentations. Haden, J. (2016, Aug 3). 16 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Presentation Skills From 16 Powerful TED Talks. Retrieved from: Psychology. (2017 Jan 16). HOW TO Give a Great Presentation – 7 Presentation Skills and Tips to Leave an Impression. [Video File]. Retrieved from: (7:04)Topic 2: Microsoft PowerPoint University Library. (2017). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Using PowerPoint to its Potential: Home. Retrieved from: TutorialsPowerPoint 2007: Introduction for Beginners:Part 1: (7:30)Part 2: (8:05)Part 3: (6:33)Inserting an image or clip art: (3:58)Inserting an audio file: (3:07)Modifying images: (6:47)Recording Narrations: (2:58)

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