COMM 3402 UCF Communications Practical Application of Communication Theories Activity

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To bolster your research skills and to again demonstrate the  practical usage of theories, you will select one theory to focus on for  this project. You will gather 3-5 research articles, three of which must  be primary research articles*,  related to the theory and then write  one synthesized paper explaining how the theory (and research) is  related to your own life. You will also briefly critique your skills  based on your research. Select only peer-reviewed research articles.**

*See top paragraph of page 19 of your textbook (I attached the text book below) for the  distinction between primary research and secondary research. In addition  to that distinction, further explanation is provided here: Primary  research articles are defined as “the original publication of one or  more empirical studies or experiments written by the person(s) who  conducted the research. Typically, primary research articles contain  standardized sections, including a Literature Review, description of  Methods, tables of Data, and a summary of Results or formal Conclusion”  (Bannon, 2016). Other types of research articles focus on secondary  research which include meta-analyses and reviews. You can either utilize  only primary research articles (i.e., 3-5 of them) or a minimum of  three primary research articles with the rest being secondary research  articles.

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