GCCCD Autonomy Personal Power Communications Question

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Evaluate your Autonomy.  How does this affect your Personal Power?

Autonomy is related to your level of independence.  This could be financial, intellectual, or emotional independence.  Keep in mind that being independent or dependent is healthy and normal.  We should be reliable and have people in our life that we rely upon.  This is called inter-dependence.  What you might want to look out for is whether you are over-independent or over-dependent.  In other words, you either don’t accept help when you should, or you do accept help when you shouldn’t…

Personal Power is just your ability to put yourself where you want to be in life.  Think about where you want to be in a year or two… do you want to have a different job, residence, school, or relationship? or do you want to be farther along in your existing jobs or relationships?

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