IWU Communication Audit Process Team Work Research Paper

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Hart, Vroman, and Stulz (2015) created a communication audit project designed with both team and individual components to provide you with real-world experiences in business communication.

Within this project, you will work with your team to develop the components of an audit; however, you will conduct the audit individually. Additionally, you are to create an oral report individually, but your team will help you by providing ideas and feedback. A team evaluation will also be completed by each team member.

Task 1: Develop a basic understanding of a communication audit. (Team)

A communication audit is a strategic evaluation of an organization’s ability to communicate. Both internal and external communication may be examined.

Task 2:Identify potential real-world partners.What are at least three small businesses or small non-profit organizations with which you could partner for your project? (small = 5 to 15 employees)

Task 3: Develop an invitation to send to potential partners. The invitation will describe the project and potential benefits.

Task 4: Search about the real-world partner you selected and describe the business/organization.

Task 5:Develop research tools (survey, interview questions, focus group questions) for the audit.

Task 6:Conduct research using team tools (survey, interview questions, focus group questions) for the audit.

Task 7: Appraise researched data for emerging communication opportunities/strategies for the audit.

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