Pitching Like a Pro Assignment

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Part One

Directions: Choose ONE scenario below and write an email pitch.

The Minnesota Zoo exhibit on insects will have thousands of live bugs on display. Write an email pitch to the lifestyle editor (Talisha Dunn-Square) at the Minneapolis Tribune to do a story on the exhibit.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has completed an $800 million renovation project and wants to attract new business from men and women aged 21 to 49. Publication contact is Talisha Dunn-Square

Part Two

Directions: Answer the following scenario

A microbrewery, started five years ago by a young couple, has now reached the point in production and sales that enables it to expand its distribution to the entire West Coast. Your public relations firm is hired to get media coverage by pitching story ideas to various publications. First, compile a list of possible story angles that could be pitched. Second, do some homework and match the story ideas to specific kinds of publications most likely to be interested in your pitch.

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