Speech and Language Impairments

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Speech & Language Impairments

As Chapter 6 states, “students with SLI should receive speech and
language services from trained professionals. The role of the classroom
teacher is supportive and collaborative” (Powell & Driver, 2013,
Section 6.7). As a classroom teacher, explain how you can support
students with speech and language impairments by including each of the

  1. Identify which special education law(s) impacts students with SLI.
  2. Explain how you will collaborate with the child’s speech and language pathologist (SLP) and why this collaboration is important.
  3. Provide strategies you will need to incorporate into your daily
    routine to assist these children in your classroom. Strategies such as
    seating arrangement, instructional tips to support the student, as well
    as how you will help this child’s interactions with peers should be
    included. Support this portion of your discussion with research from a
    scholarly resource as well as your text.
  4. Lastly, explain how you will handle a situation where a parent of a
    child with SLI in your classroom has come to you concerned because their
    child is being teased by classmates. What will you say to the parent
    and how will you address this in class?

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