COM 510 Communications Media Technologies & Embodiment Notion Paper

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Read the following texts as well as my notes for this week (also attached under the module) and provide your reaction to the subject matter:

Loon, J. V. (2008). Media Technology: Critical Perspectives. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education. (Chapter 5).

Nunes, M. (2013). Ecstatic upsated: Facebook, Identity and the Fractal Self, in (Eds.). Wise, J. M. New visualities, new technologies : The new ecstasy of communication. Burlington, VT: Taylor & Francis Group. (7-26).

George, Ã. (Ed.). (2020). Digitalization of society and socio-political issues 1 : Digital, communication, and cultureDownload Digitalization of society and socio-political issues 1 : Digital, communication, and culture. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated.Gershoni, M. . (May 18, 2020).

  • Provide a critical reaction to the texts exploring the juncture at which communication media technologies and the notion of embodiment and (Dis)embodiment intersect. Each of the texts addresses the issue of embodiment in the age of digital mediation with a different perspective in mind and in relation to different venues. You may choose to focus your discussion on one of these venues as long as you provide direct references to all of the texts. You may also address the videos that were linked via this module. Your discussion should integrate the different arguments made in the essays into your own take on the subject. Make sure to provide your own perspective and to develop your own voice as a writer. There are no definitive answers to the questions raised by the authors. The critique that you offer should join the conversation.
      • The first part of the paper should demonstrate your ability to analyze and correlate the arguments presented by the authors of the assigned reading for the week, as well as the videos/film (60 points for a minimum of 3 arguments).
      • The second part of the paper should demonstrate your ability to apply these arguments toward the discussion of media technologies while stating your position (25 points).
      • Papers will be evaluated according to the extent to which they reflect thorough research, clarity of thought, and adherence to the principles of effective writing. (10 points)
      • Give your paper an original title that represents your position on the subject. Make sure to include a reference page listing all texts including the videos. (5 points)
      • (600 word, 1 inch margin all around, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing. APA style of citation) (10 poin

      • Discussion Questions II: Communication and Media Technologies – Embodiment and (Dis)embodimen
      • Prepare at least one discussion question relating to each of the assigned readings for the week. Questions should relate specifically to the assigned texts. The questions should introduce the issue to which they are referring and present a critical question in response to the issue at hand. The assignment is designed to assess your fluency and understanding of the material rather than your effort to understand the reading. Class discussion will be guided by the questions that students prepared.

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