Park University Business Communication Skills Discussion

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Post your answer to the following topics by Thursday. Respond to two or more fellow classmates (2 posts) by Sunday. When crafting your posts, be considerate, resourceful, and pay special attention to the advancement of the discussion.

Consider the following quote:

“Excellence is going far and beyond the call of duty, and doing more than others expect. It comes from striving, maintaining the highest standards, and looking after the smallest detail. Excellence means doing your very best. In everything. In every way.” —Anonymous

What business communication skills have you acquired in this course that you can use to demonstrate excellence in your professional and personal endeavors? Provide examples that connect to specific content from this course. Students must demonstrate their understanding of the course content by providing responses that reflect evidence-based responses. Make sure that you cite the textbook in APA format and provide in-text citations for all paraphrased material used in your discussion post.

Initial discussion posts should directly address all parts of the discussion requirement and 200 word count. A minimum of two response posts to your classmates is required. Responses to your classmates or instructor should provide thoughtful insight into the topic, include information that directly relates to the course content, and moves the group discussion forward in an effective manner. Each response post should include a minimum of 100 words. Each post must demonstrate proper grammar, spelling, word usage, and effective communication practices.

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