SHC Occurrence of Microcystins Questions

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Please read through the following two articles (“Occurrence of Microcystins” and “Occurrence of Perchlorates and Nitrates” Based on the readings, please provide answers (several sentences for each should be sufficient) to the 8 questions below.

1. Where are cyanobacteria found? What kinds of waters have the highest risk for cyanobacterial blooms?

2. Tell me about microcystins: Where do they come from? What kinds of health effects are they associated with?

3. What treatment methods are effective for removing cyanobacteria/microcystins? What other factors should be considered?

4. What does the author recommend for detecting and monitoring microcystins?

5. What are perchlorates? What are some sources of perchlorates?

6. What kinds of health effects are perchlorates associated with? How do people get exposed to them?

7. Describe the relationship between perchlorates and nitrates.

8. What are the main points that you took away from these two articles?

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