Touro University How Does Professional Development Improve Teaching Discussion

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 describe what the word “professional” means to you. 

Required Reading:Touro Library Instructions:  For instructions on how to retrieve resources from the Touro library and/or to register for your personal access to the library, please click the following link:, A. (2017, April 05). Top 10 Communication Skills for Workplace Success; Employers Look For These Communication Skills. Retrieved from: communication is a “soft skill,” then why is it so hard? Retrieved from:, A. (2019). An overview of business writing: Challenges and solutions. Studies in Business & Economics, 14(1), 60–71. Retrieved from EBSCO Multi Search.Folkman, J. (2020, April 29). The number one skill leaders need in a crisis. Forbes., K. (2017, Apr 30). Why Office Communication is Highly Valued and Often Ignored. Retrieved from: the 5 minute presentation: “Presentation Skills & Communication Training.” Retrieved from (5:49)Lewitter, F., Bourne, P.E., & Attwood, T.K. (2019) Ten simple rules for avoiding and resolving conflicts with your colleagues. Retrieved from was the readings but if you don’t want to use it that’s fine

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