PCN 680 Grand Canyon University Trauma and PTSD discussion

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1. Trauma and first responders, how does this impact them and what are some
typical effects of this? Prevention – what can be done on this side?

2. How do you choose the right assessment tool for your patient?

3. Why is asking about spirituality so important and why would perhaps
quoting scripture be or not be comforting to a trauma victim?

4. Discuss triune brain theory and how this relates to trauma.

5. Do differences exist in the brain physiology in a person with a one-time
verses multiple traumatic event? Psychologically, do any differences
exist in these clients? Include outside sources in your response.

TEXTBOOK: Briere, J. N., & Scott, C. (2015). Principles of trauma therapy: A guide to symptoms, evaluation, and treatment (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN-13: 9781483351247.TEXTBOOK:

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