Purdue University Public Relations Manager for The Gifted Children Museum Paper

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You are the public relations manager for the Gifted Children Museum that recently held its grand opening with more than 5,000 guests in attendance. The event included an art auction with pieces from children ages 7–15. The grand opening raised $50,000, and all proceeds will support education and health care programs within underserved communities throughout the United States. The event included food vendors and a gift shop for attendees to purchase souvenirs. You are tasked with creating an after-action survey to gauge audience attitudes and satisfaction concerning services provided during the grand opening. You will use the results to create better events for future museum engagements.

  • First, use at least 200 words to explain your rationale. What is it that you are measuring in this survey and why?
  • Next, provide 10–15 survey questions in a bulleted list.
  • Include a rating scale or multiple-choice options for your questions.
  • Compile your rationale, survey questions, and rating scale or multiple-choice options into a single Word document for submission.

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