past and future psychology assessment paper APA style

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Paper Instruction and Content:

This paper will contain 2 major components: 1) an analysis of your past or an application of your future, and 2) a discussion of those items throughout the course that led to some change in you. 

#1 Understanding My Past Life Experiences – or how the knowledge you gained through this class helps you to understand you from the past


#2 How I Can Apply Psychology to My Future Life – a look at how the knowledge you gained from this class can be applied to your future. 

In the final section of your paper, you will discuss how this course has changed you.  Here you will summarize how the activities and specific assignments, readings, videos, speakers, discussions may have changed your perspective or behaviors.  Use the questions in the sections below to help guide your thinking and writing for this assignment.  Remember, you will be citing your resources (like you did throughout the course in the discussion boards).

Instructions:  Write in specific, thorough details being sure to relate your story with information you learned throughout this course. 


  1. Understanding My Past Life Experiences-How does what I have learned in this course help to be understand my past?
    1. How has what happened in your life affected who you are today?
    2. We are all shaped by our experiences. The purpose of this topic is not to tell your life story but to explain how the events in your life story influenced your life.  Be sure to relate your life story with at least three topics in this course and how you have gained a better understanding of your past because of learning psychology.
    3. For example, if your parents were divorced when you were 10, how did that affect you?
      1. How did that change the relationship you had with one or both parents?
      2. How did it change your attitude regarding intimate relations with others?


  1. How I Can Apply Psychology to My Future Life
    1. How can the information you have learned in this class play a role in your future life.
    2. Describe how this new knowledge could be applied to your role or future role as a parent.
    3. How could this information be applied in your career choice?
    4. How could this information be applied to your personal relationships?
    5. How could the information help you with self-acceptance?

Then, conclude your paper by considering the following:

  1. How This Course Has Changed Me– You will be using specific information from the textbook, videos, or other elements of the course for this section.
    1. How has the information you learned in this class changed you?
    2. How has your viewpoint on certain subjects changed? Which subjects specifically did your viewpoint change?  How is it different now?  What materials (videos, articles, textbook subjects, and class discussions) helped you make the change or changes?
    3. How has the information made you reassess different aspects of your life?
    4. How has it changed how you relate to others?

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