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             The topic that I will be discussing this week is vacations! I decided to focus on a specific destination for this discussion post, but a lot can be applicable to other destinations. I wanted to investigate vacationing to Puerto Rico because it’s my native home and somewhere I’d like to take my baby to when she is born. Being that I’m in the military I also wanted to include some budgeting so you will read on that as well!

             Based off two websites that I found I would like to highlight what is important when planning a trip to Puerto Rico. I also would like to share the budgeting tips I found along the way. I’ll be sharing my personal input on things I find important for to plan a vacation in general.

  • In order to plan a great vacation that meets you and your family’s needs taking time to research has to be of top priority. You need more than one website’s input on pricing, destination, reviews etc.
  • To best plan your vacation out the age demographic and interest of those travelling will be a huge factor! There are so many excursions that need to be planned ahead of time and only you know what works best for your family.
  • The best time to go to Puerto Rico is during off-season which runs from May-November to avoid hurricane season in its summer peak. During these months lodging tends to be decreased in price!
  • Travel and lodging are your next big decision! In Puerto Rico you will have many options to choose from ranging from hotels, paradores and vacation rentals.
  • Food on this island is the least of your worries there are so many local restaurants and food kiosks at a generally low price.
  • There’s a ton to do for free in Puerto Rico or for cheap! Here are some examples:
  1. Old San Juan on the first Tuesday of the month in peak season (February-May and September-December) hosts a Gallery night with free wine were many galleries keep their doors open late to allow you to enjoy their collections.
  2. You can visit Casa Bacardi; Bacardi’s distillery which comes with a complimentary drink!
  3. The beaches of this Island are one of their many free luxuries along with hiking the beautiful El Yunque rainforest! (If needed a guide is not too pricey)
  4. The Ventana al Jazz, or “Window to Jazz,” is a wonderful free event hosted by Heineken on the last Sunday of each month.

I could keep going on the many great things for a budget friendly vacation to Puerto Rico but then we will never finish this post! To wrap things up when looking to vacation anywhere you need to set time aside for research. Scrub through your resources and figure out your needs as a group or family. Not everything is going to be easy when planning these things out and it can be stressful but when completed these memories are so worth it! If interested please visit the websites cited below!

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