Hawaii Pacific University Communications Discussion

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Final Essay

The topic of my essay should be centered around “Inequalities engrained within female sport”

The final essay should be 3500 words in length, inclusive of 100 word Abstract but not including references.

Your essay must engage in a feminist analysis of a media “text” of your choice (an advertising campaign, television show, social media account, film, podcast etc.). In it, you will apply the theories, frameworks, and concepts we have studied this semester while also bringing in an intersectional critique (gender, sexuality, race or class). It must include a minimum of 15 peer reviewed academic sources, 3-4 of these must come from the course (required or recommended readings). You can also draw on secondary media sources like blogs, independent research, news coverage, magazine articles etc. (this does not count as part of the 15 peer-reviewed sources as they are not academic)

Your research paper should clearly identify the topic of your essay, but also suggest a thesis or argument you wish to make, or an answer to a central research question. It is a good idea to set up the basic argument of the essay at the end of the introduction; this makes it clear to your reader what claim you are attempting to make and keep you accountable to it.

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