Barstow Community College how To Print a Digital Photo Demo Outline

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Create a working outline that would be good for a 2 to 4 minute Demo Speech

You can choose to format it like are example working outline from the beginning of the course OR the steps outline example provided in this week’s lesson. 

Make sure that you still have the following:

General Purpose ( in this case it will be To Inform) 

Specific purpose (example: To Inform the audience on How to tie a shoe) 

Intro (that includes an attention-getter and thesis)

Body (This can either be a three-point structure or step structure) 

Conclusion ( this should contain a summary and a strong clincher or concluding statement) 

Transitions ( If you decide to do the step structure, you not need to have transitions between each step. You still need a transition from Intro to body and body to conclusion) 

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